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Here's some info about me!!

     For my entire life I have been surrounded by music.  Both my father and aunt played guitar and our whole family would have sing-a-longs all the time.  We would often listen to music in the evening instead of watching TV.  Playing music with my family is still one of the things we look forward to when getting together.

     I began playing guitar at 12 years old after giving up on accordion, french horn and double bass.  I sang in school choir all through high school and played in a church group quartet.  I remember learning "500 Miles" by Peter, Paul and Mary as my first song.  I remember lots of Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Eagles, John Denver, Cat Stevens songs I learned one after another.

     I went to college at Penn State and did concerts with dorm friends and open mikes at bars when I turned 21.  After college I moved to Connecticut and started playing with my a couple friends (both named John.)  I wrote "Software, Hardware, Is Getting Me Nowhere" my first song.  I then moved to Oregon and my music really started to bloom.

     After moving to Eugene I started playing music all the time.  With Beat Soup, The Caretakers and others, we played gigs all over Eugene and Corvallis.  Some of the places we played were WOW Hall, Taylors, Saturday Market, Oddfellows Hall, Country Fair and many more.  I started writing lots of songs then and some of those showed up on my 2002 CD "Connected."

     We moved to Grants Pass for about a year and I formed a band with coworkers to raise money for a friend whose son was paralyzed in a rope swing accident.  Our last gig at Riverside Park, the boy got to attend in his wheelchair and that was one of my favorite gigs ever!!

     Starting my teaching career in Mapleton, OR I kept writing songs, playing solo gigs and I was even interviewed on a Florence radio station.  After 4 years we moved to Portland where I have lived ever since.

     I first played electric music with "River Junction" around Portland.  We played many festivals some of the best at Horning's Hideout.  We played my Rain Song in a pouring storm one time and the energy was so high.  Talk about connected!  We played some bar gigs but liked festivals better.  At the same time I accompanied Geoff Byrd as he began his singing career.  He needed someone to help with guitar and song ideas so I played with him about a year.  We did duo gigs at Dublin Pub, Bitter End Pub, Starbucks and other venues.

    After several "River Junction" members moved I just worked on songwriting for a year or so.  The I met "Hortus Ortus" a 4-piece acoustic band needing a lead guitarist/singer.  We did harmony intensive music like CSN or Old Crow Medicine Show.  We mostly played coffeehouses like Muddy Waters but also a bar gig on Belmont and winery gigs. 

     I made my first CD in 2002 called "Connected".  My CD release was at the Rock Creek Tavern in Hillsboro. I had several band friends play bass and drums for me.  I did all guitars and vocals on my original songs.  However not until a couple years ago did I start recording all the time.  Since then I have published 5 more CDs: Waiting,  Awake, Refugee, Isn't It Time and Sonic Sojourns with my band SubTerra.

    Currently I play solo acoustic shows at smaller venues and participate in Influence Music Hall events throughout the year.  I also rock out with my band SubTerra enjoying duo, quartet and full band shows across the Portland area.  We especially enjoy doing Farmer's Market gigs over the summer.  We continue to navigate the Covid landscape and stay as safe as possible while enjoying the love we have of music.

     I continue to write new songs.  I also keep improving my recording, mixing, mastering, producing skills.  I love this musical journey and I am glad you are sharing it with me.




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Fun gigs and fun times!

My new album WAITING is now available.  It has guest singers Siena Christie and Liz Lachmere and the cover art by a local artist Shelby Normand.  My holiday song "Home for Christmas" with Kristi Riedel is also ready for download.  All my songs can be purchased on my store page.

Remember to support musicians in this time of Covid.  Buy our music, stream our songs, buy some merch, use our songs in videos/podcasts, design some artwork for us, write us an encouraging note, watch our online shows, etc. Thanks to all who have supported me over the years.

Live concerts are back!  Check out my calendar page for gigs both solo and with SubTerra.

Other CDs and downloads all up in running on CDBaby, ITunes, Amazon, etc for digital copies.  CDBaby best place for actual CD.  Here is link: