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More music all the time! 

I have been playing with some new musicians calling ourselves The Funtones.  Where the Blues Battalion stays pretty true to blues music, The Funtones branch out into more rock and jamming music.  Fun to have variety with 2 bands.  Also helps to keep the chops up.  I have a few new songs in my head but finding it hard to do studio work these days.  I need big time slots of quiet and teaching really cuts down on that.  I really look forward to retiring in a few years and having more time for music.  We are…

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I Got the Blues! 

After a long hiatus from writing I am back on my blog.  I have been playing with Blues Battalion for the last year.  Very fun to be in a band and playing lots of live shows.  Different skill set needed for live music compared to studio recording.  Also working on a new project with friends.  More news to follow.

It's all about the Bass! 

I have taken on a new project.  I am now playing bass for the band Starshine Black in Portland.  We had our first gig last Friday 12/4 at Slim's in St. John's.  It is a 4 piece Indie Rock band doing all original songs.  Stay tuned for more info.

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting my music.  Don't forget music makes a great holiday gift.

My album release of "Refugee" is being remixed at this time.  After working with Steve Turnidge for my last album "Awake" I decided to remix Album 3-Refugee.  The…

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New Music on the Way! 

I hope everyone has had a great summer.  We had a great camping trip to the Steens Mts in eastern Oregon.  The Malheur Refuge wetlands are spectacular as well.  Also spent 10 days in Bandon walking on windy beaches and catching up on some good books.  We walked a very cool labyrinth on the beach at Face Rock.  We also had some great times with our new puppy Hugo.  See pictures.

The rest of my summer was spent finishing my 4th CD.  I am in the process of getting it mastered.  I will be releasing 2 new CDs…

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New CD to be out soon!! 

I just finished mastering CD3 at Opal Studio last week.  Stay tuned for info on release dates.

I also will be booking some live gigs soon so watch this space for info on that as well.

CDs ready to go. 

CDs are ready to go at CDBaby.  You can go there directly or through my Audio page.


Almost all done!! 

Things are almost ready for you to see my site fully working.  You can find "Connected" and "Isn't It Time" on by tomorrow at the latest.  It should also be on Amazon and ITunes next week.  I will try to update the site regularly so keep checking back.  Peace!


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Fun gigs and fun times!

My new album WAITING is now available.  It has guest singers Siena Christie and Liz Lachmere and the cover art by a local artist Shelby Normand.  My holiday song "Home for Christmas" with Kristi Riedel is also ready for download.  All my songs can be purchased on my store page.

Remember to support musicians in this time of Covid.  Buy our music, stream our songs, buy some merch, use our songs in videos/podcasts, design some artwork for us, write us an encouraging note, watch our online shows, etc. Thanks to all who have supported me over the years.

Live concerts are back!  Check out my calendar page for gigs both solo and with SubTerra.

Other CDs and downloads all up in running on CDBaby, ITunes, Amazon, etc for digital copies.  CDBaby best place for actual CD.  Here is link: